Topical Map Service

Care about Topical Authority?

Good, because randomly posting a number of articles each month is NOT gonna help.

You need to be dead ass serious about Topical Mapping.

It helps searchers find the content they are looking for and guides search engines to understand what your site is about

And since semantic search is all about how search engines understand your content, the better they understand your content the more they will reward your site with higher organic visibility

You want this, right?

Turbocharge Your Site’s Authority

If you ‘genuinely’ want to build topical authority for your site but don’t want to do keyword research for months, Topical Mapping is the way to stay on top of your competitors!


Does the heavy-lifting of Keyword research, content planning, and interlinking strategy. With better topic coverage, you get the authority advantage to rank with lesser link-building yet enhanced impact. BIG save on time and money!


Gives you the complete list of articles your website needs to become an authority in a specific niche. Hundreds of keywords cluster, 6to12+ months of content planning handed over to you. Content creation made easy for both new and existing sites.

or SaaS?

Helps your content team discover the topics your ideal audience is interested to know in your niche. A well-thought-out content blueprint proves your brand to stand like an authority, builds trust, and makes conversions for compounding growth.

What Benefits you get

The Many Perks of Topical Mapping

You can reach out to us for any confusion or additional help in case you don’t understand anything. However, we provide a detailed easy guide with deliveries.

Topic Coverage

We utilize many of the Google tools, your competitors, Wikipedia, Quora, Answer the Public, trending topics, and a variety of SEO tools, to ensure no keyword or topic has been missed by our comprehensive research.

Our experts don’t fall into the trap of relying solely on a few tools, as this could result in leaving many topic gaps. There’s a lot of brainwork involved.

Internal Linking

Utilising our topical map to find logical connections between related pieces of content, you can easily build topical relevance through internal linking.

This is something that signals search engines to consider your site as an authority on the topics. Plus, it enhances your overall site architecture.

Topic Clusters

While a higher talent employee creates topic clusters for your website, we gather information related to the main topic in one place for improved semantics.

Our well-prepared topic cluster ensures that each page is targeting a unique keyword or phrase, thus eliminating the risk of cannibalization.

Speeds up
the Process

You don’t have to spend weeks and months to find and validate topics to write for your site. Topical map saves the time wasted in content planning by a greater margin.

With keyword research and content strategy taken off your hands, you save both time and money. So you can focus on linkbuilding and other parts of your business.

Topic Structure

The topical map is a useful tool to gain insight into the structure of topics and content. It provides an organized hierarchy of topics and sub-topics that is similar to how Google organizes queries.

With this structure, it is easier to identify the relationships between topics and sub-topics and build a logical structure for content throughout your website.

Ready to Use

Our topical map eliminates the need to spend weeks researching topics and planning content for the coming days. It comes ready-made with a clear plan of content creation for the next six to twelve moths.

You can easily pass this onto your content team and they can start working right away. A head start allowing you to get ahead of the competition.

Simple as 1-2-3

Here’s How This Topical Map Service Works

Whether you are ordering for a new or an existing website, the process is exactly the same. In case we need any additional information about your website, niche, traffic goal – we will ask before generating the topical map for you.

you Tell us
the Topic

Just let us know about the main topic(and a few seed keywords) you want to gain topical authority in.

For example, seed keywords that are neither too broad nor too narrow.

✘ skateboards
✔ electric skateboards
✘ bikes
✔ mountain bikes

we create the
topical map

One of our SEO Directors will manually list out all the topics and queries relevant to the given seed keywords.

An SEO analyst will then remove the duplicates and merge similar intent keywords into one content.

Then we will organize the topics in multiple clusters and categories. Maintaining semantical relevance.

fulfilLment in 7 business days

Within 7 business days, you will receive the easy-to-use topical keyword map with some tips about the implementation.

The map will also guide you on effectively interlinking among the articles, so Google gets the signal to understand your site’s authority over the others.

Topical Map Packages



Go-getter to cover a few sub-topics from a niche

Up to 300 Keywords Researched and Clustered

1-3 Sub Topics Covered from a Niche

6+ Months of Content Planned out for You

Interlinking Planning Included

Delivered in 7 Business Days

Fulfilled by a Top Talent Team

Ready to Be Handed off to Your Team

100% Money Back Guarantee



Perfect for planning ahead your whole website’s content strategy

1000+ Keywords Researched and Clustered

All Sub Topics Covered from a Niche

12-24 Months of Content Planned out for You

KW Difficulty Analysis & Search Volume

Interlinking Planning Included

Delivered in 14-21 Business Days

Fulfilled by a Top Talent Team

Ready to Be Handed off to Your Team

100% Money Back Guarantee

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Tested & Trusted by Clients Worldwide

Our uncompromising service results in satisfying experiences. ALWAYS.

Topical mapping knowledge base

almost everything you need to know about this service

Can I get a Topical Map including all sub-topics from a niche?

Our topical map service normally includes keywords from a few sub-topics from a niche targeting to cover 200-300 keywords.

If you want a full sites topical map researched for you, you have to do a custom order. Let’s say you want all sub-topics clustered from a niche, a custom order is what you will need. Just shoot us an email or message us via the chat button, we’ll discuss and figure out the best solution for you.

Is The Topical Map for English Websites Only?

Our topical map service is ‘currently’ tailored for English websites only.

We will however make the service work for other languages in the future too.

Can I Get a Free Trial or a Sample Output Before Placing My Order?

Unfortunately, we are not offering free trials or samples for our service. However, you can not forget that we stick with a 100% customer satisfaction policy. So, you can go with the order without any worries.

Can I Get a Discount When I Order Multiple Topical Maps?

Even if you place orders for multiple topical maps, our team will work on each with the same dedication. That’s why we do not offer any discounts. Also, if you compare our rates with the competition, you will find we are already providing excellent service at a discounted price.

Can I Use a Topical Map if I Already Have Many Posts on My Site?

You can totally reap the benefits of a topical map even with tons of posts on your site. In fact, if you want your existing site to do better, a content audit combined with a topical map is exactly what you are missing.

The steps for your site will be slightly different than a new site’s approach. But with our team on your back, you have nothing to worry about. Remember, we will always create a topical authority strategy that fits your site best. And when we are making you a catered plan, we will consider everything.

Are Low-Competition Keyword and Topical Authority Strategies the Same?

Topical authority strategy and low-competition keyword strategy are two different things. However, a topical authority strategy will include low-difficulty keywords too.

At its core, a topical authority strategy will get your site to show up in search engines and makes sure that the users targeted users are finding the content easily. It achieves that by showing the search engines that the site has the expertise that it needs to rank higher.

When you gain topical authority, you basically excel at offering the users all the answers or information that the users are looking for. As a result, the users do not find the need to leave your site and look somewhere else. When your site gains this trait, it automatically ranks better in the search engines.

On the other hand, through low-competition keywords, you will only be chasing after low-hanging keywords. They are generally not entirely focused on one topic, which makes the site gain little topical authority.

These low-difficulty keywords are great for gaining visibility on search engines. But you must remember that when sites with higher authoritative scores publish content on the same keyword, the new sites will be pushed back.

For that reason, an effective strategy would be to first build topical better authority on your site and then aim for low-competition keywords.

Won’t a Clustering Tool Give Me the Same Results?

You can not get the same results with a clustering tool. Clustering tools are great, but you must understand that they are not enough for steady growth. Those tools will make your site gain only a chunk of success of what the Topical Map service can offer. 

Not to mention that cluster tools are about 40% incorrect and provide a lot of overlapping results. So, even with a good clustering tool, you will have to do a lot of manual work. 

Furthermore, keyword cannibalization is a pretty common thing for clustering tools. It is like competing with yourself to rank in the search in the search engine.

Moreover, clustering tools make internal linking a nightmare. And as you might already know, without proper linking, it is impossible to get better SERP visibility.

On the other hand, through our service, you get the complete content map for your site. We take a closer look into your targeted niche and industry to offer you a catered content plan. And by following our map, you are guaranteed to make your site more navigable by search engines and targeted readers.

Will I Still Need to Build Backlinks to Sites With Topical Authority?

Backlinks are a necessary evil. However, once you gain high topical authority, you will not need too many backlinks to rank well in the search engines. Google and other search engines will prefer sites that fully cover specific topics. And that’s why having topical authority is a higher priority than worrying about backlinking.

Can I Get Content Briefs for Writers Too?

You will need to do the content briefing on your own. But this task will not be challenging with us on your back. When you get a proper content plan with hundreds of keywords, creating briefs for your writers will become a piece of cake.

Will You Be Able to Include Multiple Niches in One Topical Map?

We will make a topical map based on a few sub-topics from one niche. It is not a god idea to include multiple niches in one topical map. However, if you want to cover multiple niches on multiple sites, you can make separate orders for each. We focus on covering one subtopic at a time if it’s broad enough to publish a few hundred articles. If the subtopic isn’t big enough then we will choose multiple subtopics from one broad topic.

How Should I Use the Topical Map?

When you get a topical map for content, you will see that there are “supporting keywords.” These keywords are distinct, but they fall into the same theme. Now, one theme does not always mean that it can only create one article. 

There can be multiple unique contents based on the same theme. It all depends on the search intent of the keyword and how you can use the supporting keywords to craft unique content.

For example, if you have “how do SEO services advertise” as a theme, you may end up with “best SEO service ads,” “how do I advertise my SEO service,” and “how do SEO services advertise.” You can use the “best SEO service ads” to generate one content, while the other supporting keywords can craft another.

What Does Avg Difficulty Mean?

Avg difficulty is a metric representing the relative difficulty of ranking a particular keyword. And the keyword difficulty score estimates the competition for a keyword. The lower the difficulty score, the easier it will be for you to rank with the keyword.

What Does Sum Volume Mean?

Sum volume states the total volume of all the keywords. In other words, it is a metric from a keyword research tool that says all keywords’ total search volumes.

How Do I Need to Interlink These Articles?

The topical map we will offer will make it easier for you to interlink the articles. Ideally, you should strict to interlinking inside each cluster. You just have to place yourself in the shoes of the reader and think about what articles can make you want to click the internal link and read further.

Are Topics With the Keyword Volume 0 Worth Writing for if the Volume Is 0?

A topical authority is not just about keyword volume. Even if the search volume is 0, sometimes you have to write on that keyword to make sure your site doesn’t have topical gap. Remember, the end goal is to get a higher authoritative score, eventually making it easier for you to rank in high search volume keywords.

Why Do Some Rows Have No Traffic Data? 

The keywords with no traffic data are additional topics we discovered through manual investigation. Even if they don’t have any traffic data, they are needed to get a better topical authoritative score.

Do I Need a Long Article to Cover All Supporting Keywords?

The best word count for your article should always be the average of the top competitors ranking on SERP. Keep that number in mind and plan your content accordingly. And use your self-judgment to decide if that average word count is the logical choice to cover that topic properly.

Can I Remove Keywords From the Topical Map? Will It Work as Intended?

You are not supposed to remove any of the keywords. That ruins the theory of topical authority. However, if you have a site with a high link authority, you can definitely rank well with a smaller topical map coverage.

Should I Exclude Some Keywords If They Seem Irrelevant?

It depends on the keywords. For example, if you are writing an article about “how to build a PC” and the “PC Builder simulator game price” keyword slips within the list of keywords, you should exclude it. Although you will rarely get this type of keyword in the topical map, as we usually remove all unnecessary keywords before delivery.

On the other hand, if the seemingly irrelevant keyword is “PC Builder simulator,” you should include it as it relates to the main keyword.

Which Article Should I Write First? Should the Order Be According to the Order of the Keywords?

The keywords are not in a specific order. You may have to create an order by going through all the keywords. Ideally, start from the lowest competitive ones and slowly cover all topics from that cluster. If you start with one cluster, finish it then move to the next cluster. You’ll find instructions by us on your topical map file.

How Fast Should I Create the Content?

To rank your content, it is better to act fast. While you are laying off on a specific keyword, a competitor might step in and take the spot that you have been aiming for. But still maintaining a publishing velocity is a good idea. We recommend starting slow and then gradually increasing the publishing velocity.

When Will I See Visible Results or Improvement on My Website?

The results will soon become noticeable when Google knows you have enough topical relevance. And results will be most noticeable after Google updates take place. These updates are basically an amplifier for your website. 

Try entity SEO-optimized content for your website!

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