Time to Level Up Your SERP Game?

Seek expert guidance from our Strategic Growth Consultants and fine-tune your ROI. Learn about on-site and off-site issues. Find out what exactly you are doing wrong with a checklist of guides and annotations. Resolve all issues for the better.

Tell you what…

In business, you must keep on growing. Because there’s either growth or decline. No stable zone. So you might want to scale your website, and fine-tune your ROI soon.

WPL offers Growth Consultation as a service to make expert guidance accessible for all.

Learn about on-site and off-site issues. Find out what exactly you are doing wrong with a checklist of guides and annotations. Our CEO Mr. Khairujjaman will personally look into your website and consult you one-on-one so you can resolve all issues for the better.

Request for a consultation if you are stuck at some point in your website’s growth.

We accept no more than 10 Requests Per Month.

Growing Website Businesses for 9+ Years

We have been in the web asset business for more than nine years. With extensive studies, experiments, research, and case studies, we boast firsthand experience of how websites grow and what makes you fail.

Managing 6 figure portfolios, we know how to make actionable growth strategies, and execute them effectively. We will guide you on what to do and what to avoid.

growth consultation Plans


Price: US $147

3 Recorded Explainer Video

Website Planning Guide

SEO Approach Making

Monetization Pro Tips

OnPage SEO Techniques

Website Flipping Strategies

7 Days Email Support


(Best Value)

Price: US $397

Everything in PRO Plan


1 Time Zoom Call

Question & Answer Session

Custom SEO Strategy

Advanced Monetization Tips

OnPage SEO Live Train

30 Days Email Support


Price: $$$$

Everything in Platinum Plan


On-demand Zoom Calls

On-demand AMA Session

Custom SEO Strategy DFY

Advanced Monetisation DFY

OnPage SEO Live Train+

Email/Chat Support


Kawbab Nadim

Mediavine Publisher

Sold a blog-based website directly to WPL in early 2022 with an avg. income of $2000+. Received the money after two days of the domain transfer! Plus, the success fee is dirt cheap!

Sahed Srabon

Niche Site Owner

Ovi from Web Properties helped me sell my site within hours. Transferred the money on the same day. Loved it!

Shaokat Hayder Ziko

Amazon Associate

It was my first site making an L6M average below $500/mo. Just sent these guys a message, and SOLD.

Monjurul Islam Sony

Affiliate SEO

I have sold 4 sites via Web Properties Limited so far. 3 I sold via their brokerage, and 1 directly to them. The whole process was easier and quicker compared to all existing mainstream platforms.

answers to Some Common Queries

Who is this consultation for?

Affiliate blog website owners are the majority people we can truly help. We also offer the same consultancy to local businesses and e-commerce website owners. Be it newly built or already spitting cash, our experts can guide you on growth hacking so you can scale it faster than your competitors effectively.

Do you consult websites with rank drop issues?

If you’re experiencing rank drops after a recent Google update just rolled out, we will focus on recovering your site first. We may discuss and customize your order as it will take quite some work. Keep in mind that recovering affected websites is a fairly lengthy process. It will take some time for you to do as we guide. In most cases, it will usually take several months before you can see significant improvements on the affected website.

Is there any extra/hidden cost?

Not at all. We only charge as declared on our pricing tables.

Do you do the ‘work for us’ thing?

This is the consultation. We guide you, provide you with the resources needed to do as we recommend, and tell you exactly how to finish certain tasks. The actual work has to be done by you or your assistants. In case you neither have the time nor the workforce to get things done, you can ask for additional help.

Do you guarantee #1 rank by your methods?

Absolutely not. No one can genuinely guarantee #1 rank in the SEO world. Let’s say, that’s not how it works. We don’t make unrealistic promises to sell our services. You should proceed knowing that chances of failure will always be there. But what we can guarantee is that we will try our best to help you get the amplification your site deserves. Our day-to-day in-house operations keep us one step ahead of current industry standards.

What do I expect in the PRO plan?

First, we analyze your whole website. Then we give you a theoretical plan and recommend you a customized SEO strategy for the coming days. We will also suggest ways to better monetize your website.

In our custom-made On-Page SEO guide, we will share what we have learned over the years and what we believe to be the best practices.

Website Flipping strategies include pro tips that will help increase your website’s sell value and flip is fast within days. There will be a PDF file documenting everything. As a bonus, we’ll send you a video explaining that PDF. A 7-day email support is included.

What’s in the PLATINUM plan?

This is an extended and practical version of the PRO plan. After deeply analyzing your website, we will give you a theoretical plan, and practically help you make an actionable SEO strategy for it. Additionally, we will assist you with finding better monetization methods.

Our special On-Page SEO techniques will be in an exclusive, tested guide that we have made ourselves. We will guide you one-on-one on how to execute the steps over a Zoom call. You’ll get the chance to ask us questions to clear any question. This live call isn’t available in the PRO plan.

Our website flipping tips will teach you how to negotiate and increase the value of your website when selling it. The whole thing will be documented in a PDF which we will explain on a Zoom call, so you can ask questions if you want. You’ll get a recorded copy of it as well. Email support will be there for 30 days (chat may be available sometimes if you’re lucky).

How does the ENTERPRISE plan work?

A scaled-up version of the PLATINUM plan is the ENTERPRISE plan. It can be customized to meet your specific needs. You can even have our help by your side(virtually) when doing the whole planning thing. Just get in touch with us to discuss your needs. Long-term email/chat support is available upon request and our availability.

Is there any money-back guarantee?

No, we do not offer money-back guarantees because of the nature of our service. If we are genuinely not able to help you, we might give you a partial refund, but this will be a rare occurrence. Before confirming orders, we check the data you submit to make sure it meets our requirements. We often reject submissions that do not meet our requirements.

We Have a Mastermind Mentorship Program

Learn how to build, operate, and scale your own digital businesses from scratch. Our mentors teach you money, mindset, and effective networking – which altogether make you a person that the society respects.

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