Master how to build wealth
in the digital space from scratch

we have done it – we know how it works – and We will teach you the Same

Welcome to Web Properties Mastermind Program.

A secret LIFETIME community where our two mentors and a few multi-millionaire entrepreneurs will teach YOU exactly how to build your own digital real estate.

This is a private network where you will have access to one-on-one guidance on building-scaling-flipping businessesexpert playbooks, up-to-date analysisfoolproof financial planningadministrative management, and more.

Every Group Expert is a verified niche professional who knows something you don’t. Each one of them is making anywhere from $5K to $15K a month in their field of operations.

We designed this mentorship program in such a way that ANYONE ANYWHERE can follow to build wealth.

No bullshit, no fluff, just plain practical lessons in stacking up money.

All resources, full lesson plans, everything you need to get wealth and it all starts with you making a decision TODAY.

6 Months — 15 Members

(Join the Waitlist to See If You Qualify)

It’s $4000 for 6 months, secured by a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.

Web Properties Mastermind is designed to make you win, and stopping you from making dumb decisions in life.

The only skill we require from you is the ability to DO. Make the exact moves our mentors advise you.

We teach you, guide you, and TAKE you to the way of wealth creation. You just FOLLOW and put in the work.

It’s neither a get-rich-quick program, nor something that will take you ages to make the first millions.

Buckle up! Because time doesn’t wait.

Have the experts’ help to get financially fit, building healthy wealth, and keep on growing.

Make an enrolment request for the 2nd and LAST intake of this Private Mastermind.

This mastermind will change your life

What is the secret to extraordinary success? Is it grit? Is it determination? Luck? Or is it who you know? we’ve been in business now for some 7 years. And we can tell you… All successful entrepreneurs share a few unique qualities. Certain traits that give them the upper hands. But what are they? And can they be learned? We’re on a mission to create some successful web entrepreneurs.

You Understand the Reality of Money

You don’t know what you don’t know.

You will understand this on your first day inside.

What most people think about money is WRONG.

The first thing you will learn inside the mentorship program is how money really works.

You will realize, not many are taking life seriously and the few that are easily exploit the unaware.

You will fully grasp how ignorant you’ve been to how the world operates.

You will begin to truly understand how trivial money is. Over 88% of millionaires right now weren’t born into wealth.

Money is EASY. But it doesn’t fall from the sky!

You Get Mentored to Make Millions

We are looking for action takers only.

If you do not believe in your ability to listen, learn and work. 

If you do not believe in the bonds of brotherhood and the cumulative force of singularly focused men, we do not want you. 

You approach life’s problems on your own.

WPM members leverage network and fraternity to attack and destroy obstacles with overwhelming force.

Because, no single-focused man matches 10 focused men.

If you have the human capability to LISTEN, LEARN, and put in the WORK…

We will walk you through the path to make millions.

You Enter into a Special Network

There are networks of men on the planet which viciously utilize civilizational weaknesses to further progress the influence of themselves, their brothers, and their families.

Some networks, such as global banks, do this in broad daylight. They get rich and powerful at the expense of everybody BESIDES those who work for the global banks.

Other networks do the exact same, in the shadows. 

The binary reality: you exist inside of these networks and benefit. Or you are punished for existing outside of these networks.

We are giving you a chance. A chance to step up, be a man and prove you deserve to be INSIDE.

It doesn’t matter if you are poor and unimportant, or rich and successful. Everybody enters equal – you will be tasked. You MUST work.

You Remember Us Until You Die

Knowledge is power, they say. Information is key to wealth, power, and everything important in this world.

The things which you do and the things which you KNOW, are derived from WHO you know.

Ask yourself why are you heading down your current path, why do you think this is the best move to make, where did you first hear about what you’re working towards?

Change the people you interact with and all of the above changes with it.

Web Properties Mastermind is set to show you the less exploited ways of income, and change the way you observe, think, and act.

After the 6 months of mentorship, you are a different person, a better version of yours.

You won’t forget us as long as you breathe.

We want you to fully understand one thing.

Our mentors do NOT need your money. But their time isn’t free and they won’t train you one-on-one if they do not receive your consent of obedience in the first place.

You’ll be taught to think and take strategic decisions on your own. But within the 6 months mentorship period, you must ask before making every move. This is how our mentors make sure you DON’T FAIL.

If you do any dumb shit without consulting beforehand, you may end up revoking the Money-back Guarantee losing the trust of your mentors.


Can You Be Honest With Yourself For A Second?

Are you willing to make a necessary pivot by discovering a business model from those who have mastered it, one that traditionally grows exponentially during a shifting economy? 

You have to make that choice for yourself…

If you’re ready to gain the capabilities that can create real impact and real success over the next 6 months then apply to save your spot for the LAST intake of this Mastermind.

Go ahead, take the test in 5 minutes!


You’re in the Perfect Time and Place for a Restart. And Maybe There’s a Reason You Are Here…

Outside the Mastermind

  • Overwhelmed with too much info
  • Feeling lost and without direction
  • Not where you want to be in life
  • ​Tired of not living up to your full potential

Inside the Mastermind

  • Filled with CLARITY and direction
  • Feeling CONFIDENT about yourself
  • New goals and a real action plan
  • ​Armed with a SYSTEM to take control of your impact & earning potential!

Meet Your Mentors

Both KJ and Ovi have undisputed expertise in the content website business space. The duo has helped hundreds of individuals and small businesses grow from zero to thousands of dollars per month.

Ovi S.

Ovi owns and operates three successful digital businesses that serve clients all over the world. He has a decent track record of working with globally renowned marketers on successful projects.

KJ Shuvo

Best known for his technical SEO skills and niche website expertise. Made several 5 figure exits in last 2 years. He is the founder of BrainyWebs which helps website owners maximize their ROIs.

Maybe This Is Why You Need This Right Now!

If you love what you do, you feel fulfilled and you’ve reached bulletproof level of success in your life – you DO NOT need this.

But if that’s not 100% true then take Ovi and KJ up on their challenge. Reserve your spot before this is gone and come open minded and ready to learn how to take control of your own success. 

This is not a time to play small, most people will do that. It is time to gain the RIGHT capabilities, take action and thrive instead of just trying to survive. 

All signs point to an economic winter.

As the saying goes; in winter you can freeze and starve or ski and snowboard. You can make that decision by being prepared.

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