Ready to maximize your Return on Investments?

Putting your money into Digital assets is the way, with lower risk and higher potential for growth.


How It Works…

We are pretty methodical about our procedures here at our investment firm. Our strategy, although efficient, is pretty simple and can be categorized into 3 steps.

Our investment program can assist you in determining the optimal online investment approach and constructing a customized variety of digital assets depending on your investment objectives, timescale, and risk tolerance. 

We intend to make it simple for our clients to create and expand their website portfolio by granting them access to a list of profitable and exceptional assets and investment opportunities.

Let us get well acquainted with your goals and ideals

Getting a proper grasp on your ambitions and experience is our utmost priority. Filling in our investor questionnaire helps us to get to know you better.

Allow us to search for suitable websites for you

You are welcome to consult with our team of professionals and give them a criterion of your terms of investment and the types of assets you’re looking for. This will help us find an ideal website for you.

Sit back and let us handle the rest

After all the formalities and consultancy are taken care of, and you finally choose an asset to invest in, we just require you to transfer a specific amount of money to an escrow account. We can dedicate our time and resources to frequently update and maintain the website you bought while you just reap the benefits.

What Web Properties Capital Program Offers

Investors put in 100% of the capital while WPL puts in 100% of the operational effort on every acquisition deal. There are no additional capital calls that require investors to put in more money than their original investment.

Investors receive 50% of the exit profits and 40% of the operating incomes as 50% exit split and 60% income split go towards operating the investment (WPL). This distribution structure incentivizes WPL to acquire and manage online businesses from scratch.

Investors are giving up 50% of the exit profits and 60% of the operating income to turn online business investing into a passive investment.

When the businesses are sold, investors are paid back first and then any profits from the sale are split at the same percentages.

Web Properties Ltd. manages everything to provide you with a hands-off experience that turns active investing into passive yield.

Everyone’s Interests Are Aligned

Benefits for You Investors

  • Completely risk-free, passive investments managed by the WPL top team
  • Diversified portfolio of fractional ownership across a variety of websites to ditch the risk of any failureor loss
  • Upto 70% projected average annual returns on capital (see Summary of Terms below)

Benefits for Us WPL

  • Ability to focus on core competency of running online businesses
  • Co-invest expert efforts into every business and receive 60% of operating profits
  • 50% profit share of successful sale of businesses in 12-18 months

This Opportunity Is Not For Everyone

Who This Is for:

  • Capable investors who want exposure to solid online businesses but may not have the time or skill set.
  • Entrepreneurs and Business individuals who may have the skill but want passive returns and diversification.
  • People with a good amount of savings and are worried about the increasing inflation.

Who This Isn’t for:

  • Non-solvent investors or those who don’t want to diversify their income sources.
  • People who don’t understand how inflation is going to affect their income and savings.
  • Individuals who are both rich and have better ROI opportunities already.

WPL Capital Summary of Terms

Investor Profile(Minimum $1,00,000 NET worth)
Minimum Investment$30,000
Capital Stack100% Investor Capital
Hold Period12 to 18 months
Return ExpectationsUpto 70% of Capital
ReportingQuarterly reports including financials and commentary
Operating Profit Split40% to Investors
60% to WPL
Distribution SchedulePaid Quarterly (first distribution 6 months after investment)
Sale of Business Distribution ScheduleInvestors recoup their initial investment first
Increase in business value is split at the percentages below (50:50)
Sale of Business Profit Split50% to Investors
50% to WPL
* These are estimated returns after conservating calculation which indicates there is a high chance of significant increase and insignificant decrease. Refer to our expert consultants to learn more about our anti-loss work ethic that is set to secure your investment.

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Answers to some questions you might ask

Got a query different than these? Mind dropping us an e-mail here; [email protected]

Can I invest with Web Properties Ltd.?

Investors who like to invest more in order to earn more are the ideal fit for our investment program. We have previously consulted a range of high-profile individuals for FREE.

Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of working directly with lawyers, retired Army personnel, doctors, and engineers, as well as hedge fund managers, who desired to invest their capital in a brand financial asset with huge profit potential.

When is the best time to invest?

Putting your money on websites is unquestionably one of the best ways to make money right now. And there has never been a better opportunity to invest in digital properties than right now.

The sooner you get involved and reap the benefits of this rising business, the better.

What is the minimum amount of money that I can invest?

Until recently, when website investment became a popular new asset class, the sector was largely limited to private investors with money to invest. Well-optimized sites can be bought for as little as $30,000 now that website investing is becoming more accessible.

What are the different types of digital assets you invest in?

There are various types of digital assets that can generate a steady cash flow. Below are some of the most lucrative digital investment options and the ones we operate for profit:

  • Affiliate niche sites
  • SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • Content-based sites
  • Service and subscription-based websites
  • Ecommerce websites

What amount of returns can I expect to get from my investments?

It’s not safe to make forecasts regarding a digital asset’s financial expectations because past performance isn’t always a trustworthy indicator of future returns. It will normally be determined by the number of marketing alternatives, traffic sources, income growth year over year, and various other important criteria.

However, you can get at least 20% to 45% of the net revenue from your investment every year.

I’m a traditional investor. Is there any special tip for me?

If you’re new to website investing, a smart suggestion is to practice extreme caution and implement any techniques you’ve acquired in other areas of investment. If they’ve worked for you in the past, they’ll work for whatever digital asset you’re looking to acquire online.

What is a digital asset?

In simple terms, a digital asset is a revenue-generating website or web-based enterprise. The same goes for the websites you can’t live without; chances are, they’re all making money in some way.

What to expect when investing in digital assets?

The general idea of investing in digital assets is that you are purchasing an online business in the hopes that its value will increase significantly over time, providing you with a passive cash flow.

What is the best investment strategy?

A website investment strategy that combines high cash flow and consistent growth can be profitable. Our team goes to great lengths to thoroughly evaluate and select the best digital assets that will not only allow you to earn now, but will also secure a profit in case you decide to sell your website.

How to increase the odds of making a successful investment?

Determine what you expect from a digital asset. Maybe you’d like a continuous stream of money coming in at all times. Or maybe you’re looking for a way to expand your horizons. Or it could be a mix of the two.

Identifying your objectives before you begin your search will undoubtedly assist us in identifying the ideal option for you.

We Have a Mastermind Mentorship Program

Learn how to build, operate, and scale your own digital businesses from scratch. Our mentors teach you money, mindset, and effective networking – which altogether make you a person that the society respects.